Liberal tries to ‘own’ Chick-fil-A, proves the fast food chain doesn’t discriminate instead

There are a ton of liberals who become absolutely enraged at the sight of a chicken sandwich!

Chick-fil-A is a common target of those members of the tolerant and loving left. Simply because their owners, who are Christians, hold a Christian view of marriage – that it’s between one man and one woman – entire towns have tried to ban the restaurants, colleges have kicked them off campuses and boycotts have been organized.

Anyway, a Twitter thought she was going to absolutely “own” the “homophobic” restaurant chain. Her big plan by the way was to go in purchase food and then post about it on Twitter with the caption: “Little does Chick-fil-A know they just accepted GAY money.”

First of all, I’m not aware of something called gay money? Is it rainbow-colored currency? Does Lincoln make out with Washington on the $1 bill?

Next, in trying to prove how homophobic the fast food chain is, she actually proves that they really couldn’t care less. I’ve been to Chick-fil-A a number of times and I don’t remember them ever asking my sexual orientation at any time while they were taking my order.

Twitter made sure she knew just how idiotic her little stunt was.

Again, aren’t we told over and over that those on the left are open-minded and welcome differing points of view?

Imagine what it must be like in the mind of a liberal where dismembering the unborn is totally and completely acceptable but a sandwich from Chick-fil-A is way over the line.

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