CNN’s Brian Stelter denounces Antifa attack on journalist, this assault ‘was unacceptable’

On Saturday, in Portland, Oregon, Antifa held a protest. Journalist Andy Ngo, who has been critical of the leftist group in the past, attended the rally.

However, instead of covering the rally, Ngo became the story as he was beaten by the group. The group, who regularly use violence to suppress the voices of those with whom they disagree, assaulted Ngo.

Ngo was attacked with milkshakes containing cement, was physically struck, losing teeth and supposedly was admitted to a hospital as a result of the attack.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, on his program Sunday morning, denounced the attack on the conservative journalist. Stelter even said for those who may not necessarily agree with Ngo, that this attack should be condemned.


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