Dem debate night 2: Harris, Buttigieg won; Bernie, Swalwell the big losers

The Democrats got it on again for the second straight night in Miami, Florida as 10 other candidates took the stage.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, California Sens. Harris, Sanders, Bennet, Gillibrand, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Andrew Yang and author Marianne Williamson all took the stage Thursday night.

Of course, the hot topic and the one that kicked off the debate was immigration.  And honestly, there really wasn’t much daylight between the candidates. They all essentially blamed President Trump for the situation on our border, constantly saying that American can and should do better on our souther border.

Then things moved onto healthcare where Sanders and Harris admitted to wanting to do away with private insurance entirely. The other eight, while they all want Medicare for all, wanted to give citizens the right to choose their health care options, or some variation of plans.

There were some attacks on Biden, especially from avid gun-grabber Swalwell. He just kept up his constant attack of “pass the torch,” “pass the torch” but never really provided any substantive answer to any question he was asked.

Swalwell also got the death stare from Mayor Pete at one time during the debate as they were discussing the recent fatal police-action shooting in the northern Indiana city.

There were some other interesting topics during the debate, especially when the topic of Biden’s recent comments about segregationist senators came up. Kamala Harris hit Biden hard, basically saying that he opposed busing.

But as far as winners and losers go, Harris and Buttigieg won the night. Harris, while not presenting exactly the most concrete answers on anything was passionate about the issues and in a debate that connects with voters. She had a number of lines that received a ton of applause, including this one really early.

Buttigieg was also a big winner because he was the only one who actually provided any real specific steps with his positions. Everyone else was just talking in generalities, specifically the senator from Vermont.

Bernie, along with Williamson and Swalwell, was the biggest loser in last night’s debate. Several times he called for momentous changes to our government and America as a whole but when pressed for any kind of specifics he never, ever was able to deliver.

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