Michael Avenatti lashes out at Sen. Lindsey Graham with homophobic tweet

Michael Avenatti, in the last few months, has proven that he’s nothing more than a two-bit conman in a expensive suit, which he probably can’t afford given his recent money troubles.

The lawyer, who at one time was flirting with a run for the White House, faces years in prison. He’s accused of attempting to extort millions from Nike and swindling his clients, including porn star Stormy Daniels, out of hundreds of thousand of dollars.

So, he’s probably not the nicest of guys. Well, if Avenatti’s douchebag persona wasn’t already solidified, he essentially cemented it this week with an absolutely idiotic and homophobic social media post.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham posted a message to Twitter following Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

Pretty harmless, right? Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing inflammatory but apparently it was just too much for Avenatti as he struck back with an over-the-top and homophobic response.

Whether you agree or disagree with Graham or anyone for that matter, this kind of stupidity is simply uncalled for and is nothing more than a moronic attempt to win a few points with the anti-Trump, anti-Republican crowd.

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