VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg dealing with South Bend police shooting, confronted by angry citizens

Things aren’t good for South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The media’s darling is currently dealing with a police-action shooting in which a white police officer shot a black man.

Buttigieg actually left the campaign trail to deal with the shooting. On Sunday afternoon, in South Bend citizens made their feelings known on the situation and they were angry, to say the least.

For Buttigieg and his presidential aspirations, the timing could be worse. The Democrats are holding their first primary debates this week and the nation is watching Buttigieg’s response.

Even CNN isn’t thrilled with Buttigieg’s handling of the shooting in his city.

This entire episode brings up a big question: If Buttigieg is having issues running an Indiana city of 100,000, how can he be trusted to properly run a country of 300 million?


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