What? President of NARAL upset because of ‘Trump’s actions to migrant children’

Sometimes it really is best to just sit down and keep your mouth shut on a subject. For instance, an NBC reporter recently tweeted out a story about three migrant children at a detention facility near the southern border who have been sharing shifts watching over a sick child.

Now, whether they are legal or illegal, white or black, boy or a girl, no one wants children to suffer. However, when you’re the president of group that’s sole purpose is to advocate for a procedure that ends in the snuffing out of a child’s life, you may want to shut your mouth, at least for a little bit.

But apparently not seeing any irony in her statement, the president of NARAL felt the need to comment on the situation.

But when challenged about the incongruity of her statement and her position of the dismembering of the unborn, it gets even worse.

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