VIDEO: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd slams Ocasio-Cortez over ‘concentration camp’ statement

The far left’s darling New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caused yet another controversy this week after she called ICE detention centers “concentration camps.”

She actually accused the United States of running concentration camps on the southern border. Of course, concentration camps is an extremely charged term going as millions of Jews were exterminated in concentration camps during WWII.

Following her remark several in the media, including Chris Hayes and Chris Cuomo defended AOC’s comments and many in the Democratic Party refused to condemn her stupid, stupid statement.

But AOC did receive some pretty strong criticism from one an unlikely place, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

Todd called her comments a disservice to everyone on the border and also called out those in Democratic Party for refusing to step up and call it was it was, wrong.

In the two minute-video, he makes a number of excellent points about partisanship and our refusal to call out and condemn outrageous statements simply because that person may be on our side politically.

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