Dem presidential candidate Andrew Yang wants government to fund local journalism

With so many Democrats running for the nomination, unless your name is Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris, getting attention is a tall order. Without the name recognition and the money of […]

‘Comedian’ Samantha Bee encourages Democrat presidential candidates to drop out, run for Senate

There are more than 20 Democrats running for the White House, many of them have absolutely no chance whatsoever of becoming the nominee. Several of them are even polling in at or close to 0 […]

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd slams Ocasio-Cortez over ‘concentration camp’ statement

The far left’s darling New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has caused yet another controversy this week after she called ICE detention centers “concentration camps.” She actually accused the United States of running concentration camps on […]