Reporter comments on Marco Rubio’s demeanor, presence at Trump rally, Florida senator hits back

On Tuesday evening President Donald Trump officially kicked off his 2020 reelection campaign in Orlando, Florida.

Florida, like nearly every presidential election, will be a battleground. Both Trump and the eventual Democratic nominee are likely to pay a ton of attention to the Sunshine state, making a number of trips in order to try and woo the voters.

Now, understanding the importance of Florida, campaigns will commonly send surrogates out to speak on behalf of the candidate. When it comes to Florida, the Trump campaign is likely to be a big advantage due to the fact that he’s the sitting president and that Florida currently has Republican governor and two Republican U.S. senators.

One of those senators is the popular Marco Rubio. Of course, everyone remembers Rubio and Trump during the 2016 presidential primary as things got pretty personal between the two men as they each traded a number of insults.

However, it seems that Rubio and Trump have put all that behind them as evidenced by Rubio’s presence at Trump’s Tuesday evening rally but one reporter still found it rather odd. Rubio wasn’t having any of it and shot back, several times.

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