Cracker Barrel refuses church event over pastor’s LGBTQ comments

A Tennessee Cracker Barrel is refusing to host the All Scripture Baptist Church at their restaurant after comments made by the pastor, Grayson Fritts, were brought to their attention. According to Huffington Post, the pastor preached that gay and lesbian people should be executed by the government.

“We serve everyone who walks through our doors with genuine hospitality, not hate, and require all guests to do the same,” Tennessee-based Cracker Barrel said in a statement on their Twitter account.

The pastor, a former police officer, says the restaurant has a double standard. The church said in an e-mail statement, “If the ‘LGBT’ community hosted an event there and Christians complained they wouldn’t ban the ‘LGBT’ group, they would tell us they don’t ‘discriminate’ against anyone. But hey, it’s their business. They can have a double standard if they want to.”

Some conservatives pointed out that if Cracker Barrel has the right to refuse services to a church based on religious beliefs, that bakers should be able to refuse to bake wedding cakes for LGBTQ couples with no repercussions.

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