MTV names Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘Best Real-Life hero’

MTV, much like other channels aimed at people too young to drive, has a fairly liberal bent.

On Monday night, held their annual award show that most people don’t watch or just plain forget exist altogether. Anyway, the channel that used to be music-centered held the MTV Movie and TV Awards, hosted by “Chuck” and “Shazam” star Zachary Levi.

The show gives awards in such categories as “Best Kiss,” Best Royalty” and “Most Frightened Performance.” So, you know, it’s some real high-brow stuff.

Anyway, one of the other categories in which an award was handed out was “Best Real-Life Hero.” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg walked away with the award for the documentary RBG.

She lost in other categories such as “Best Meme-able Moment ” and “Best Fight.”


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