UPDATE: Nicholas Sparks apologizes for anti-LGBTQ e-mails

Last week, popular author Nicholas Sparks was under fire after old e-mails leaked that made Sparks out to be anti-progressive. Even though he released a statement saying it was “not news”, it would appear the writer has had a change of heart.

This morning, he issued an apology to the gay and transgender community on his Facebook page.

“As someone who has spent the better part of my life as a writer who understands the power of words, I regret and apologize that mine have potentially hurt young people and members of the LGBTQ community, including my friends and colleagues in that community,” Sparks wrote.

Due to the ongoing lawsuit between Sparks and the school’s former headmaster, the author said he couldn’t go into specifics, but that “I believe in the school’s founding principle of loving God and thy neighbor as thyself, and that includes members of the LGBTQ community. I believe in and unreservedly support the principle that all individuals should be free to love, marry and have children with the person they choose, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Response from the LGBTQ community hasn’t been positive.

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