VIDEO: Kirsten Gillibrand goes all in on abortion

Kirsten Gillibrand is arguably the worst Democrat running for president.  Her campaign has been horribly run up until this point. It has been nothing more than cringe-worthy videos of their candidate spouting liberal talking points while never putting forward a single original idea.

Much in keeping with what has become her norm, Gillibrand once again spouts more liberal talking points, this time on the Democratic Party’s most sacred ritual: abortion.

In the video, Gillibrand pledges her undying support and allegiance to the “medical procedure” by promising to codifying the right to abortion, refusing to appoint judges who aren’t pro-choice and making your tax dollars available for abortions, if she becomes president.

Polling in the low single-digits, I don’t think Gillibrand will have to ever worry about working in the Oval Office.

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