Ocasio-Cortez starts petition to repeal Hyde Amendment

Abortion is healthcare, according to liberals. Unfortunately, those aborted children weren’t able to give an opinion on topic.

Those on the left will do any and everything to continue killing the unborn, including using federal tax dollars to pay for the life-ending procedure. Arguably, the last and only Democrat running for president who was in favor of the Hyde Amendment, former Vice President Joe Biden, caved to those on the left and reversed his position after a matter of days.

That’s the kind of backbone we’re looking for in a president, Joe! None.

Regardless, there is a movement to get rid of the Hyde Amendment, which keeps federal tax dollars from being used to dismember unborn children in the womb. The left’s darling, freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has started a petition on her website to repeal the amendment.

According to her website, AOC believes:

Abortion care is health care. It’s estimated that over 60,000 women are forced to go through with unwanted pregnancies every year just due to a lack of access to care. In a modern, moral, and wealthy nation such as the United States, that is unacceptable.

That ends now. We’re going to fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment, and let people access the care that they need. Sign your name if you stand for repealing the Hyde Amendment.



3 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez starts petition to repeal Hyde Amendment”

  1. I think you’re beyond politically slanted. If you finished school then you should be smart enough to know we all go through the freshman years. Get over it. Or shut up!
    Do you know what kind of abuse children go through when women didn’t want their kids?

    1. Hello! I’m not sure what you are trying to get at with your comment. All incoming members of Congress are called freshmen their first term in office. It’s not a dig at her intellectual ability.

      1. I know but it’s just the way you wrote it. The main point is the latter of my comment. That should be the matter. Going through the freshman years I wrote about and it’s part of the deal.

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