James Comey says ‘law enforcement decisions must be apolitical,’ social media responds

Former FBI director James Comey, since his dismissal, has gone on to write a book about President Trump and his administration.

Additionally, Comey has gone any and every television program that would have him on to talk about Trump, provide his opinions and analysis and has essentially called Trump, in his view, unfit for office.

But before even being removed from his position, Comey has managed to turn both those on the left and the right against him, not an easy task, by the way.  After digging into Hillary’s emails and her server, Comey decided not to charge Hillary. At the time it was a most unusual step for the head of the FBI to decide against any charges.

Then just weeks before the Nov. 2016 election, Comey, after the discovery of new emails possibly related to the investigation, he decided to reopen the case into Hillary’s emails. Needless to say, the man has lost any and all credibility on any such topics but his latest post shows he just doesn’t understand this.

Sometimes you just need to sit out and not comment on things.

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