‘Men in Black’ star wants movie to have a more inclusive title

The latest installment in the “Men in Black’ franchise hits theaters this weekend. Original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are nowhere to be found; instead we get Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who also starred in the “Thor” movies together.

Thompson, who plays Agent M, isn’t satisfied with the movie’s title going forward, however. Apparently it’s not “woke” enough for the actress.

In an interview on the red carpet premier of the movie, Thompson told reporters that she pitched several alternative titles for the franchise to make it more inclusive.

“I pitched some ideas like ‘People in Black,’ but that would be ‘PiB,’ which sounds like a sandwich,” Thompson said. “I pitched ‘Humans in Black,’ which would be ‘HiB,’ which sounds like something you don’t want to get.”

“I think we can change the name at some point,” she continued. “I hope we can get to the space where it’s not noteworthy when women topline these films, and I think a film like this helps us get there.”

Watch her interview below.

Thompson may not get her wish if the movie underperforms at the box office. Currently, critics are underwhelmed and has a score of 25% at Rotten Tomatoes.


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