Trump tells George Stephanopoulos he wouldn’t call FBI if foreign governments contacted him with info on rival candidates

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos sat down with President Trump for an exclusive interview and talked to him about the 2020 race, what the polls mean and why America should reelect him.

But the comments about Russia and how he wouldn’t call the FBI if contacted by foreign governments offering information on political opponents is making headlines and causing quite a stir among Democrats and Republicans who are outspoken against the President.

“If somebody called from a country, Norway, and said ‘we have information on your opponent,’ I think I’d want to hear it.” said the President.

Stephanopoulos pressed him on the issue, saying “You want that kind of interference in our elections?” And then asked if he should call the FBI.

To which the President responded, “I’ll tell you what, I’ve seen a lot of things over my life. I don’t think in my whole life I’ve ever called the FBI. In my whole life. You don’t call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office and do whatever you do.”


Democrats doubled down on impeachment talk after hearing the remarks, with many of the candidates running for President weighing in.

Some conservatives were also critical, saying members of the GOP were giving the President a pass on his comments because there’s an R next to his name.

The President responded to the outrage by tweeting that he meets with foreign governments everyday and “should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings?”

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