Biden slams Amazon on taxes, Amazon fires back

Amazon has become a popular whipping boy for politicians. Some on the right like to go after the online retail giant but for the most part, it’s those on the left that attack Amazon.

Amazon is a business that has grown considerably over the last decade or so. They first started out as a website selling college textbooks but have since branched out into nearly every area of the marketplace imaginable. Heck, they are even one of the more popular video streaming sites and own the supermarket chain Whole Foods.

But despite this massive growth, politicians go after Amazon for “not paying their fair share of taxes.”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was the most recent politician to go after Amazon but this time Amazon responded. They cited the tax code politicians enact, saying basically politicians only have themselves to blame for Amazon’s lack of taxes.

It makes sense. Who is going to give more to the government than you’re legally required?


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