Biden says if elected president, ‘we’re going to cure cancer’

All politicians running for office say and promise constituents things in order to obtain their vote.

Whether it’s the promise of revitalizing the economy by bringing back jobs, giving farmers more subsidies, taxing the the rich so “they pay their fair share” or defunding Planned Parenthood, politicians make promises. Often times, and most people know this going in, they are simply going to end up being empty promises.

The whole “give me your vote and this will happen” game may not be right, but everyone does, Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter.

However, Joe Biden likely made such a big promise to a group of supporters Tuesday, that it’s probably going to come back and haunt him for the rest of the campaign.

At a stop in Iowa, Biden said that if elected president, “we’re going to cure cancer.”

Everyone would love to see cancer completely eradicated but to say something like that is a pretty bold statement, to say the least.

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