Bill Maher: Hillary was a terrible candidate, committed obstruction and political correctness is cancer

Democrats and Republicans.

You either support President Trump or you’re either a dirty liberal, Never Trumper, snowflake.

On the other hand, you’re either for impeachment, believe Trump obstructed justice and probably colluded with the Russians or you’re an idiot who wouldn’t know what a book was if it fell from the sky and hit you on the head.

This tribal mentality, that you’re either with us our against us is so pervasive in today’s political discourse. To call yourself a Republican and to even dare criticize President Trump on absolutely anything he says or does will result in being called a “snowflake,” “libtard” and/or “Never Trumper.”

It’s all or nothing, you’re either for us our you’re against us. For most, nuance is a thing of the past.

One person, who is a committed liberal Democrat, but doesn’t have a problem calling out his side when he believes they are in the wrong is comedian Bill Maher. Maher was recently on CNN and talked with Chris Cuomo about a variety of topics, including Hillary Clinton, the likelihood that she committed obstruction of justice and how political correctness is even destroying liberalism.

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