Surprise! Kirsten Gillibrand distorts exchange with Fox News’ Chris Wallace in order to pander…again

If not for Bill de Blasio, Kirsten Gillibrand would be the worst candidate running for president. Nearly every single day, either her or her campaign, does something that just makes you wonder how this woman got elected in the first place.

We all know politicians pander. All politicians play to the hopes and fears to a whatever particular group of people they happen to be talking to at the moment.

But Kirsten Gillibrand has taken the idea of pandering to an art form. They woman doesn’t miss an opportunity to make a fool of herself as she grovels for votes.

Her latest episode of pandering comes while talking in Iowa at a function called “The Iowa Democratic Party’s Campaign Hall of Fame.” While talking about her town hall on Fox News with Chris Wallace, she lied and turned a moment in which Wallace said she wasn’t being polite into an attack on her because she’s a woman and because she was standing up for women.

Except it didn’t exactly happen as she says it did. Gillibrand was asked about abortion during the last trimester of a pregnancy and she refused to answer, instead going off on a tangent and attacked Fox News.

Wallace called her out on it and told her not she wasn’t being polite and that she should answer the question she was asked.


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