Huh? Beto: Won’t be guided by polls, says polls showed he wouldn’t win Texas Senate race

Any candidate or campaign that says they aren’t looking at the polls, aren’t interested in them and not using them to guide their strategy, at least somewhat, are lying.

Democrat, Republican or Independent, it doesn’t matter, they all look at polls. Everyone likes to see how they measure up against their opponents, it’s simply human nature.

That’s why Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is 100% lying when he says that he and his campaign aren’t concerned about polls, they don’t use polls to guide their strategy or their decision-making.

Beto made his remarks about the “uselessness” of polls over the weekend, when asked about his 2% support among the Democratic field.  But what made his remarks even dumber is that he pointed to polls in the Texas Senate race that said he wasn’t going to win…..and he didn’t.  Ted Cruz is the junior senator from Texas, not Beto.

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