Acosta on his new book: ‘I wanted to send a message to people about what we do’

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta has a book hitting shelves on Tuesday, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” On Sunday, Acosta was on Brian Stelter’s CNN program, “Reliable Sources” to discuss his literary work.

Acosta, who has become famous for his sparring, disruptions and getting into arguments with President Trump and other White House officials, says that he wanted to send a message with his book, that things have actually gotten dangerous. Essentially, he blames President Trump for all of the hostility directed toward the media.


During their conversation, Stelter and Acosta talk about the Trump supporter who sent pipe bombs to CNN last year and a number of other Trump critics. They also bring up the fact that he and other reporters have received death threats, again basically saying the Trump is responsible for everything and deserves 100% of the blame.

Listen, threatening the life of someone just for disagreeing with you is never the right way to go and those lunatics should be locked up. But to put all of the blame on President Trump for the increased amount of hostility toward reporters and the media in general, is as wrong as much of CNN’s commentary.

Perhaps Stelter and Acosta just completely forgot about their two plus years of pushing Trump-Russia collusion. I assume that was Trump’s fault as well?

Also, since when is it acceptable for a reporter, who is currently covering the White House and the president, to write a book giving his opinion on the White House and the president?

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