Wendy’s encourages adoption with new cause cups

All too often we hear about companies choosing to donate to Planned Parenthood or other organizations that don’t have a pro-life worldview. Wendy’s, however, is doing just the opposite and encouraging adoption through their new cause cups.

The program kicked off in May and encourages customers to use Snapchat to take a photo of the cup. Once it’s posted on the social media site, Wendy’s will donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

“We’re focused on finding loving, adoptive homes for children who are most at risk of aging out of without a family, including teens, children with special needs and siblings. Learn more and get involved at ,” the foundation wrote on their Twitter page.

Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola are also partners in the program.

Here’s how it works from SquareDealBlog:

  • New Snapchat technology will prompt Snapchat users to scan their phone over the Wendy’s cameo on our beverage cups

  • Once your camera detects the marker, a unique Wendy’s experience comes to life in the Snapchat app

  • This immediately shareable content showcases the cup and will alert your followers that a donation has been made to the DTFA!

  • Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Dr. Pepper® and Coca-Cola®, Wendy’s will donate $5 to the DTFA for every Snapcode scanned, up to $500,000.

It’s a simple, fun way to support a cause that’s been important to Wendy’s since our founding 50 years ago.

The next time you visit a Wendy’s restaurant, make sure to take a second to Snap a photo of your Cause Cup and share our commitment to supporting foster care adoption!

*At participating restaurants. For each Snapchat code unlocked through 8/5/19, $5 will be donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, up to a maximum of $500,000.

The donations go to support Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, and according to Decision Magazine, more than 330 children have been adopted in Ohio (where the program is being piloted).

“For the past four to five years now, we have scaled Wendy’s Wonderful Kids across Ohio,” said Rita Soronen, Wendy’s CEO. “We’ve seen more than 330 adoptions finalized across the state. We know that it’s about $3 million a year to keep this program scaled in Ohio. Since we’ve had the program in Ohio, we’ve saved the state $64 million.”

“We’re saving children’s lives, and we’re saving critical resources at the state and county level. It’s that one-two punch that makes sense for states,” she added.

Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas was adopted and advocated for adoption his whole life.



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