VIDEO: Warriors owner shoves Raptors Kyle Lowry

The world is full of stupid people.  It’s likely that you encounter them on a daily basis.

Like social media, the wide world of sports seems to attract moronic individuals. Both are places where emotion and not logic and sound thinking seems to take control.

For instance, the Warriors and Raptors are currently battling in the NBA Finals, where, after last night, the Raptors have a two games to one series lead. But the Raptors’ surprise victory at Oracle Arena was overshadowed by something that didn’t even happen on the court.

During the game, Raptors guard Kyle Lowry fell out of bounds chasing after the ball and ended up in the first row and in the laps of some spectators.

As you can see from the video, the guy can be seen leaning over and shoving Lowry.

Incredibly stupid move. No reason at all for something like that but it gets even better. Turns out the idiot is actually a minority owner of the Golden State Warrior.


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