Trump administration ends funding for fetal tissue research

The Trump administration has made another pro-life decision by pulling federal funding from fetal tissue research performed on aborted babies.

After a six month investigation into the University of California, San Francisco’s research practices, the plug was pulled on funding to the university because it was determined that tax dollars were being used to fund researchers experimenting on electively aborted embryos and fetal tissue.

A spokesperson for the Trump administration told Fox News, “It fits inside the wider context of the president’s pro-life agenda since he was sworn into office, So you’ve seen a consistent pattern of pro-life-focused decisions and policy decisions from the president over the last two and a half years. This is consistent with that direction and there will be continued work on the pro-life agenda throughout the rest of the first term and the second term as well, and so we will always work to err on the side of life in all critical decisions that come to the Oval Office at the president’s direction.”

The pro-life movement called the move a win.

However, pro-choice advocates blasted the move, saying it shuts down “critical medical research on deadly illnesses.”


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