Youtube demonetizes conservative commentator Steven Crowder’s channel

The mob is angry once again and conservative commentator Steven Crowder is their latest victim.

On Wednesday, Youtube announced that they were demonetizing Crowder’s page.

Their announcement saying they are  taking away the ability for Crowder to make money from his content was a drastic change from just hours earlier.

The move comes after VOX writer Carlos Maza complained to the social media giant, for what he claimed, was Crowder constantly harassing him for his ethnicity and sexual orientation.

If you’re not familiar with Crowder’s work, his show is a combination of satire, comedy and politics where he skewers the left for hypocrisy. VOX often seems to be on the receiving end of his Crowder’s ridicule. Apparently, one writer at the overwhelmingly liberal outlet had had enough and decided it was time to try and silence Crowder. Apparently, Youtube agreed.

Following Youtube’s move, Crowder released a video responding.


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