Biden’s campaign says he supports Hyde Amendment, blasted by Dems

Former Vice President Joe Biden supports the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds being used for abortions except in the instances of rape and incest.

Biden’s campaign confirmed the former Delaware senator’s support to NBC Wednesday. 

Anyone who has paid any attention whatsoever to the other 22 Democrats running for president know this is clearly out of step with the current Democratic Party. Most of the Democratic candidates believe an abortion should be an option at anytime during a pregnancy.

Abortion is a holy sacrament to those on the left and being in anyway against the murder of the unborn is a sin.

Check out some of the reactions to Biden’s heresy:

How will this affect the Biden’s front runner status? Who knows but we can be sure all of the Dems will try and make the most of Biden’s sin against the church of liberalism.

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