Biden’s campaign says he supports Hyde Amendment, blasted by Dems

Former Vice President Joe Biden supports the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funds being used for abortions except in the instances of rape and incest. Biden’s campaign confirmed the former Delaware senator’s support to NBC […]

Youtube demonetizes conservative commentator Steven Crowder’s channel

The mob is angry once again and conservative commentator Steven Crowder is their latest victim. On Wednesday, Youtube announced that they were demonetizing Crowder’s page. Update on our continued review–we have suspended this channel’s monetization. […]

WATCH: Bernie Sanders attends Walmart shareholders meeting, demands increase to employee pay to $15 an hour

Democrats love to talk about income inequality and how the wealthy “don’t pay their fair share.” Democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders has been one of the loudest voices, advocating companies increase their employees’ hourly pay. At this […]