Dem Pete Buttigieg can’t name a living Republican he respects

Pete Buttigieg likes to call himself a moderate and when considering the current crop of Democrats seeking the presidential nomination – some of which have openly advocated for socialism – he very well may be.

But the more we hear from the South Bend, Indiana mayor the less moderate he appears. During his town hall on Fox News, Buttigieg refused to answer when asked if limits should be placed on when a woman can receive an abortion. This anti-life stance, the ability to end the life a child whenever, has become the standard for the Democratic Party.

Now, Buttigieg on the left-leaning network, MSNBC, said there isn’t a living Republican that he respects.

I get that he’s running in a Democrat primary but this answer is absolutely ridiculous. The man is a mayor of a city and has to work with people of both both parties.

Let’s be honest, Republicans play this game as well. But this highly partisan crap doesn’t get us anywhere, nothing can get done with this kind of mentality.

But again, this kind of moronic answer plays well with Democrats and may bring in a few more dollars and when on MSNBC, this is the correct answer.


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