WATCH: Kamala Harris interrupted by animal rights activist at campaign stop

California Senator Kamala Harris was speaking at a event on Saturday when a crazy animal rights activist somehow got past security, ran on stage and grabbed her microphone.

He wasn’t able to get much out before event staff removed him from the stage. Harris’ husband shielded her from the protester and the moment was captured on social media.

The protester, Aidan Cook, who identifies as being from the Direct Action Everywhere animal welfare advocacy group, was later interviewed by Politico and said he wants Harris to “support ordinary citizens rescuing animals rather than the factory farms that abuse animals, sicken local populations and repress whistleblowing activity,”

“I live in Oakland and I’m one of Kamala Harris’ constituents. I came to the MoveOn Big Ideas Forum today because there’s one big idea that all of the 2020 presidential candidates are ignoring. Which is that is by raising and slaughtering billions of animals every year, not only are we completely … undermining our values as a nation of compassionate animal lovers but we are literally preparing to drive our society off a cliff. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of climate change,” Cook said.

He said he felt the need to rush the stage and take the microphone from her because he’s reached out every other way he knows possible and the campaign never acknowledged him.



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