VIDEO: Swalwell campaign getting desperate, absurd with their money asks

The first Democrat Party primary debates are coming up in June. However, not all 23 Democrats are going to make it up on the debate stage.

In an attempt to keep the debate from being a total freak show, the National Democratic Party said candidates had to receive donations from at least 65,000 individual donors. Some such as Joe Bide, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and even Elizabeth Warren won’t have a problem achieving a stipulation.

But for second and third tier candidates like Eric Swalwell, that’s going to be a bit harder to do. To try and make it to the debate stage, his campaign is getting very, very desperate.

Swalwell’s campaign wants you to believe that because he’s able to take care of his child, he’s more than qualified to be president?

Check out the absurd video:

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