Meryl Streep is not on board with the term ‘toxic masculinity’

Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday – a liberal movie star going against the hive mindset that oozes out of Hollywood. But Meryl Streep addressed toxic masculinity in an interview with Vanity Fair and her comments may surprise you.

“Sometimes I think we’re hurt — we hurt our boys by calling something toxic masculinity. I do,” the actress said. “And I don’t find putting those two words together … because women can be pretty f—ing toxic.”

“I think the labels are less helpful than what we’re trying to get to, which is a communication, direct, between human beings. We’re all in the boat together and you gotta make it work,” she added.

As you can imagine, this did NOT make the feminists happy.

“It physically pains me in my heart to say a cross word regarding Meryl Streep, a person I can quote from memory not just in Death Becomes Her but also in She-Devil. I hope to someday walk down the aisle to a mashup of her A Cry in the Dark performance. But I have to type the truth, and it is this: Meryl Streep has no idea what she’s fucking talking about when it comes to toxic masculinity,” wrote one writer at Jezebel.

Others tweeted that Streep is “about to get canceled.”


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