CNN’s Chris Cuomo appears to mock rape victim

CNN is consistently in last place and a move by one of their network’s most visible reporter/commentators isn’t likely to help at all.

On Wednesday, Kimberly Corban, in an ad for the NRA, recounts her nearly two-hour sexual assault in college. She goes on to say that she had come to grips with the fact that her life was likely coming to an end that horrible night in college.

As the ad comes to an end, Corban states that if someone were to try and assault her again the assailant would find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun and then goes on to thank the NRA for fighting for her gun rights.

Well, this apparently didn’t sit well with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He appears to be actually mocking Corban for saying that she’s going to protect herself.

It’s truly unbelievable why Cuomo would think a woman protecting herself would be an issue or a problem. His comment was universally condemned with negative response after negative response.


One thought on “CNN’s Chris Cuomo appears to mock rape victim”

  1. Only in America can you who are looking for a fight, an argument, etc find fault with Cuomo saying “Only In America” as a negative and/or “mocking” remark. What he said is true and had he said it in a verbal statement on his show, if you know his style, then you would understand that he meant it as a positive and supportive statement for women in this country /America/ the United States. Why do all ya’ll want to continue to make something out of nothing?

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