AOC flips out over picture of Hope Hicks in The New York Times

Apparently, The New York Times is not allowed to use a flattering photo of former White House staff member Hope Hicks.

AOC tweeted her agreement with Soledad O’Brian’s take of the photo, who claimed The New York Times is biased toward the Trump administration.


“Yup. Where’s the ‘no angel’ take now?” asked Ocasio-Cortez replied on her Twitter account.

“In the immediate aftermath of shootings, media routinely post menacing photos of people-of-color victims + dredge up any questionable thing they’d ever done. But when Hope Hicks considers not complying w a subpoena, it’s glamour shot time.”

She then asked the paper to treat everyone equally.

Hmm, ok. But I seem to remember some pretty glamorous shots of AOC herself in publications.

Remember this?






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