Meghan McCain snaps at Amy Klobuchar: ‘leave my father out of it’

Amy Klobuchar is on the campaign trail in Iowa and while speaking to supporters at a birthday party stop on Saturday, mentioned former Arizona Senator John McCain in her speech, which attacked President Trump.

According to the Des Moines Register, Klobuchar said that during President Trump’s inaugural address, Sen. McCain was naming off dictators.

“John McCain kept reciting to me names of dictators during (Trump’s inauguration) speech,” she said. “Because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a nation. He understood it. He knew he because he knew this man more than any of us did.”

When daughter Meghan McCain heard about Klobuchar’s comments, she was not happy, snapping back at the Senator on Twitter.

“On behalf of the entire McCain family – please be respectful to all of us and leave my fathers legacy and memory out of presidential politics,” she tweeted.



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