Salon writer proposes grandkid strike until boomers vote better

Leave it to a writer from Salon to come up with the idea that millennials should go on a grandkid strike to punish baby boomers for voting “poorly.”

In an opinion piece posted on the site, Christina Cauterucci writes that she and her colleges at Slate began talking about how they could influence their parents to make better choices at the ballot box.

“Framing liberal policy platforms as The Only Way You’ll Get Grandkids … will make my dad Pokémon Go to the polls,” one of my colleagues mused. Another said a grandchild strike would be like “Handmaid’s Tale, but in a good way”—meaning, I assume, that it’s exactly the kind of radical response today’s radical threats to equity, justice, and humanity demand. It’s time to demand that baby boomers and Gen Xers decide which they’d rather have: their vague attachments to policies that have poisoned the earth and will soon make it difficult for anyone but the obscenely wealthy to live healthy, happy lives, or a pack of adorable munchkins in itty-bitty suspenders ready for unlimited tickle fights and cookie-baking sessions.

So why exactly do the geniuses at Salon think this will work? Because boomers are literally salivating at the thought of grandkids.

I have never met a parent who isn’t already dreaming about how much fun it’ll be to have a few roly-poly wee ones (who are ultimately someone else’s responsibility) around.

The writer has no intention of ever having kids herself, but for those that do want to procreate, they should HOLD OFF because climate change, reproductive rights, paid family leave and guns.

Just imagine: Your Republican parents are lukewarm on Donald Trump but will probably support his reelection, or maybe they’re Democrats who’ve sworn they’ll never elect a “socialist.” They’ve been bugging you and your partner to have kids for years; perhaps they’ve even kept your old sandbox and bedtime books in their basement in hopes of breaking them out again when you decide to breed. You sit them down and break the news: You’re not going to make any grandchildren anytime soon. It’s too expensive, what with your student loan debt, the schemes of predatory banks, and the disproportionate tax burden you’re forced to take on so billionaires can keep their tax breaks. It’s an impossible burden, what with our underfunded and shamefully segregated public education system, your own stagnant wages, and our nation’s failures on paid family leave and affordable child care. It’s a huge risk to have a child on purpose when you know you may be forced to bear another against your will, at any time, if the Supreme Court guts Roe v. Wade. It’s unethical, what with climate change and all. And it’s too dangerous—you’ve seen the news reports on school shootings and know how easy it is for violent men to get their hands on guns.

The absurdity of these people is astounding! I HIGHLY doubt lack of grandchildren would influence my Trump voting parents to change their minds. What kind of person has time to sit around and think up this nonsense?

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