That “drunk” video of Nancy Pelosi? It’s altered.

One of the biggest problems of the internet age is incorrect, altered or doctored information spreading as truth, especially if it fits into someone’s preconceived opinion of someone else.

It’s no secret conservatives aren’t fond of Nancy Pelosi. But the video that’s making the rounds online where she appears to be drunk at the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference is a fake.


According to The Washington Post, the Facebook page Politics WatchDog shared a version of the video that as of Thursday evening, had been viewed more than 2 million times, shared more than 45,000 times, and there were over 23,000 comments with users calling her “drunk” and “a babbling mess.”

And sadly, the President of the United States is perpetrating the lie as well. The video he shared “splices together the times she stuttered or stumbled over words,” according to a report by USA Today.

Experts have reviewed the video and found that it’s been slowed to about 75 percent of its original speed and altered to modify her pitch so the speed slowing didn’t affect the tone of her voice.

The original, full length speech can be found here.

Facebook is not taking the fake video down, but warns the user it’s a hoax before they continue with the action. And the site that spread the video claims they aren’t conservative and can’t help what people in the comments think.



In an era of “fake news”, we all need to be diligent about sharing truth. Do some fact checking before you hit that share button, even if it’s about someone you find distasteful.

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