Official Democratic account calls Ben Carson ‘a moron,’ Twitter responds accordingly

Our political discourse is really in a bad, bad place. It’s gotten to the point where if there’s any kind of disagreement on any topic at all, name calling and not discussion, is the preferred method.

The left loves to throw out such labels as “racist,”sexist,” “homophobe,” and “xenophobe” and does so with such regularity that those words have been rendered absolutely useless.

However, the right isn’t blameless on this point, either. Don’t agree entirely with everything President Donald Trump says and/or does? Well, then you’re just a “libtard,” “communist,” “snowflake” and any evidence challenging a preconceived notion, no matter how compelling, is simply “fake news.”

Well, on Thursday, an official Democratic Twitter account called HUD Secretary Ben Carson “a moron.” Yes, because most brain surgeons are usually complete buffoons.

But not what’s this is about. They resorted to name calling because he happens to disagree that men aren’t women just because they say they’re women and vice versa.

Twitter responded to the absurd insult.

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