New study finds happiest wives in America are religious conservatives

Contrary to what third wave feminists might tell you about the patriarchy, it would seem that the happiest wives in America are married to religious conservative men.

In a New York Times piece, a new study reveals that “73 percent of wives who hold conservative gender values and attend religious services regularly with their husbands have high-quality marriages. When it comes to relationship quality, there is a J-curve in women’s marital happiness, with women on the left and the right enjoying higher quality marriages than those in the middle — but especially wives on the right.”


They also found “extremely blue” religious women are about equal in happiness with “extremely red” married women.

The unhappiest and least satisfied? Moderates and conservatives who do not have religious values.

“We suspect that part of their relative unhappiness, compared with religiously conservative women, is that they don’t enjoy the social, emotional and practical support for family life provided by a church, mosque or synagogue,” the researchers said.


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