Women are dumping men who aren’t pro-choice

Huffington Post published a piece today that shares several women’s stories and how they dumped their long-term boyfriends or simply refused to go out on a date if they didn’t pass the pro-choice test.

One woman, named Kaylee, said she refused to date a guy because  “he said it wasn’t ‘his fight to get into’ and then mansplained about how the government works.” Another named Nicole dumped her long-term boyfriend after they couldn’t come to an agreement on what to do if she became pregnant.

“He wasn’t just anti-choice. I’d even go as far as to say he’s pro-forced birth,” she said. “After revealing this, he said that if I ever got pregnant he’d raise the child alone.”

They also interviewed a psychologist for the piece, who said dating an anti-choicer is “is scary and aggressive.”

The piece then goes on to outline several ways to bring the topic up before things get serious so you can weed out the undesirable pro-life men.

“I would ask them if they’d be willing to access emergency contraception with you, whether that’s splitting the cost or going to get it,” she said. “A red flag is when people mistake emergency contraceptives like Ella or Plan B for ‘abortion pills’ and freak out about it. Even if they’re just misinformed, their reaction to that question can let you know where else to prod or what their attitudes toward abortion might be.”

Kind of crazy that even thought someone “checks all the boxes”, one disagreement on an issue deems them undateable.

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