WATCH: Rep. Omar attacks religious conservatives, says they want to ‘attack women simply for existing’

Abortion is normally a hot-button issue but as of late its been white hot. Nearly every Democratic presidential candidate, Hollywood celebrity and political commentator has been providing their opinion on the medical procedure, whether we wanted it or not.

Easily one of the more controversial opinions to provided on the topic comes courtesy of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Recently, while speaking on the House floor, she let loose on religious conservatives and other people of faith. She said, as evidenced by those laws in Alabama and Missouri, religious fundamentalists are trying to force people to convert to their way of thinking, by implementing their worldview on the entire country.

She goes on to call those who profess to be people of faith hypocrites for advocating for laws protecting the unborn. According to Omar, those who feel the need to protect unborn children do so because they are morally bankrupt in their personal lives.

In a statement filled with completely ignorant statements, the one that stands out is where Omar actually says conservatives simply want “to attack” and control women simply because “they exist.”


How ignorant and hate-filled can one person be?

One thought on “WATCH: Rep. Omar attacks religious conservatives, says they want to ‘attack women simply for existing’”

  1. It’s just some African, Muslim bint that was allowed into the US and rose to some level of power due to our mistake of letting too many of its sort into our country.

    Whatever it says is meaningless and without worth since it, itself has no worth and hasn’t had any worth since 1861.

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