Kyle Kashuv apologizes for racist remarks

Parkland High School shooting survivor and outspoken gun rights activist Kyle Kashuv had to address some remarks he made several years ago that many called racist.

The remarks come from a shared Google document for a midterm study guide from Kashuv’s Advanced Placement U.S. history exam several years ago. The student that leaked them to Huffington Post told the outlet that, “Everyone knew him as the vulgar kid that says stuff like that, talked that way out loud.”

“He would talk that way to a lot of people. I don’t think he was trying to hide it or anything, I don’t think he was scared, I think he fell into that Discord, gamer guy that says those vulgar things,” she continued.

The documents contain several uses of the n-word and comments about killing Jews.

Kashuv, who recently stepped down from his position as TPUSA’s high school outreach coordinator, apologized for the remarks on his Twitter account.

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