Canada’s Justin Trudeau to go after social media platforms for ‘hate speech’

As Americans we have the ability to freely speak our minds without the government cracking down on us, monitoring that speech and attempting to tell citizens what is acceptable and what is not.

However, there is an ambiguous and made up term that some use to shut down the speech of others: hate speech.

What exactly is hate speech? Well, to many on the left, it’s anything they deem unnecessary, ugly or meant to hurt others. But that’s the entire problem with the term, with it being entirely made up, its meaning fluctuates from one person to the next.

However, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, appears to believe he has adequately defined the ambiguous term. As a result, the Canadian government will begin cracking down on “hate speech” on social media platforms. And if those companies don’t adhere to Canada’s speech codes, they will be fined.

On Tuesday, Trudeau introduced “Canada’s Digital Charter,” which he says will guide their decision making. Oh Canada! What are you doing?

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