NFL player Benjamin Watson calls out Alyssa Milano out for her ‘ignorance ‘ and ‘racism’

C-list celebrity Alyssa Milano has been able to find relevance in pushing far left positions on nearly every topic on social media.

The Georgia, Alabama and Missouri anti-abortion laws have been the latest issue on which Milano has been able to squeeze out few more minutes of attention. In response to these laws, Milano has called on all woman to join her for a “#SexStrike until, as she puts it, women regain bodily autonomy.

To discuss her movement, Milano appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Tonight. During her segment, which she said “no one is not pro-life,” said that these laws actually hurt women of color the most because they don’t actually have the means to travel to another state to have an abortion.

If a conservative or a man had said anything even remotely similar they would’ve been branded a racist instantly and there would’ve been calls for their job.

So far, it appears only one person has actually called out the actress for her blatant racism, NFL player and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson.

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