Kamala Harris wants to fine companies for gender pay discrepancies

Much like abortion, the wage gap is something Democrats love, love to talk about.

Why? Similar to abortion, it helps turn up the outrage and drum up support from single women and unmarried women, a very important voting bloc to Democrats.

They go on and on about how these big bad companies are refusing to pay women the same wage as men.  But what they often don’t talk about and what the “wage gap” often doesn’t account for is the different career field, level of education and the fact that women often leave the workforce, at least for a period of time, when they have children.

Nevertheless, none of that is stopping California Democrat Kamala Harris from putting forth a plan to stop the wage gap once and for all. What’s her plan?  Well, she wants to actually fine companies that aren’t paying men and women the same.

When will they learn this kind of thing just doesn’t work?

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