Jeff Daniels: If Trump wins in 2020, ‘it’s the end of democracy’

Liberals are still in hysterics that Donald Trump defeated their anointed one, the rightful heir to the throne, Hillary Clinton.

Now, combine Hillary’s loss with what is going on in places like Georgia and Missouri with the abortion restrictions and frantic and frenzied doesn’t even begin to describe their current mood. However, those who seems to be the most unnerved by everything going seems to be Hollywood.

Actor Jeff Daniels was on MSNBC Monday afternoon and he described the current state of mind of a liberal at this time. At one point during his appearance, he actually said that if Donald J. Trump were be to re-elected in 2020 that democracy as we know would cease to exist.

Daniels, who is currently portraying Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Broadway, said we must decided whether we, as a nation, want to be Atticus or something much more sinister. Liberals constantly tells us that they are the ones who are guided by reason and facts but his entire argument is based on nothing but conjecture and emotion.

Somehow I don’t think Will McAvoy (his character from HBO’s “The Newsroom”) would approve of such stupidity.

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