SNL’s Leslie Jones goes on pro-abortion rant on Weekend Update

Want to see liberals lose their minds? Put restrictions on the murder of unborn children.

For anyone that has turned on the TV or been on the internet in the last week or so, that’s currently what’s happening. Alabama’s female governor this week signed an anti-abortion bill into law.

And the liberals in Hollywood aren’t happy about it. Despite the fact that it’s in a state that they themselves would never be caught dead in, they still feel it’s necessary for them to rant and rave about “evil white men” trying to control their bodies.

On the 44th season finale of Saturday Night Live, cast member Leslie Jones was the latest celebrity to trot out the tired “Handmaid’s Tale” comparison as she told us “you can’t tell me what to do with my body.”

Comedy is commonly used to comment on current events, to make light of them, to make fun of a political figure and it should be that way. But here’s the thing: make it funny.

Jones’ anti-abortion rant wasn’t the least bit funny, instead she opted purely for politics. That was the wrong way to go considering she’s on a show that is supposed to entertain and provide laughs here and there.


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