Comedian, actor Jim Carrey creates painting of Alabama governor being aborted

It’s truly unbelievable how intolerant the tolerant left truly is at times. Sure, they preach that accepting all different points of views and opinions is so important to them but anyone with an I.Q. in double digits knows this not to be true.

For all of their supposed “tolerance,” the one thing the the left and those in Hollywood will not tolerate is not having the ability to kill a extinguish a child’s life anytime before and in some instances, after, the child is born.

Jim Carrey, who is no longer the massive box office draw that he was 10-15 years ago, seems to have his interests more on political things these days. The “Dumb and Dumber” star has been using his artistic abilities to mock those with whom he disagrees.

His latest creation displays Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey as she’s being aborted.

I guess Mr. Carrey’s message being that if people don’t agree with him they deserve death?

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