Liberal site makes awful pro-abortion argument: Can’t be pro-life and support death penalty

The ability to kill unborn, innocent children is a holy sacrament to those on the left. Putting any restrictions on the procedure will set liberals off in a rage. They’ll scream and stomp around about being subjected to not having control over their own body, even though a child is, you know, another person.

But one argument liberals love to make against abortion is that it’s inconsistent to be pro-life and for the death penalty. Somehow they believe that equating the life of an innocent human being, who hasn’t had an opportunity to make a decision on…absolutely anything is the same as a murderer or serial rapist or child molester.

What they seem to not understand is that the key difference is the murderer made the decision to kill, the unborn child did absolutely nothing wrong.  It’s a terrible argument and apparently, it’s one that the left looks determined to keep on making.

In the specific case Now This mentions, they shine a light on a man scheduled to be put to death in Alabama who killed two girls and who was also 19 at the time of the murders. He was sentenced in 1998 to death and his case was appealed many times and each time he was denied a hearing.

Is this the best argument they really have? The left really must want innocent, unborn children dead.

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